How Not To Find A Comet

-Get binoculars down from closet shelf – Check! -Get telescope out of workshop, set up in yard – Check! -Pick out low-power and medium-power eyepieces to avoid fumbling in eyepiece case in the dark – Check! -Position nice comfortable chair in location for best observing spot – Check! -Get up at 2:30 in the morning […]

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A Little Stargazing

This past Friday night, I spent a fine evening at Rainwater Observatory with my new (to me) telescope, an 8″ f/7 Discovery dobsonian, getting reacquainted with M6, M7, and M80 in Scorpius, and M69, M70, M31, and Jupiter, including the shadow of Ganymede as it completed its transit of the planet. Too warm, too humid […]

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