Cabin, Shed, Tractor, And A Snake

Over the past couple of years, we’ve had a series of break-ins at the cabin, and the small tool shed where we stored the mowers and some tools. The last time, about 2 months ago, they didn’t bother the cabin, but they destroyed the door to the shed, jerking the doorknob assembly completely out of the door. And then took nothing, because there’s nothing left in the shed worth taking. But they did mangle the door to the point where it has to be replaced. I did a temporary patch, just screwing a piece of plywood over the hole, and expressed my frustration like this:

I’ve since taken the door off, to make sure I can find a replacement that will work. I’ve covered the opening with plastic that I hope/think will suffice for a short while. We’ll see. So there’s that. I also filled up one diesel container (about 4-5 gallons) and took that down to put into the tractor – it was down to about 1/4 tank, and I figure that will take care of the rest of the season. I want to mow at least once more, just to neaten things up before winter sets in. BUT!! While I was adding the diesel to the tank, I noticed a snakeskin hanging down from the engine. And when I lifted the engine cover, there was a large snake, in its shiny new skin, in the engine compartment. I saw enough that I was pretty sure it was non-poisonous (I think it was a gray rat snake, might have been a corn snake, but my brief look says the color was wrong for a corn snake), so I left it alone, because I figured (A) it probably won’t be there that long, and (B) as long as it’s there, there won’t be any rats chewing on wires. And (C) there really wasn’t any point in bothering it – even if it left, it would probably just wait for me to leave and go right back. So we agreed to part as friends and go our separate ways. I will, however, check before I crank up the tractor next time!

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