There’s No Geek Orthodox Priests

Wednesday, 22 September 2004, 17:42 | Category : Geek Stuff
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But maybe there should be. And no, I didn’t mistype “Greek”. I meant “Geek”. The computer types out there know what I’m talking about. You reach a point where what you’ve been doing isn’t working, you’re not sure why, you just know you’re burned out and bummed out and bored out of your skull. The technology complexities that used to fascinate you now feel like the rock of Sisyphus. You wake up in the morning, and more than anything you want to just roll back over and go back to sleep, because the things you’re going to deal with today are the same things you dealt with yesterday and the day before that and the day before that. It’s like one of those rooms where you look in a mirror and see a mirror across the room reflecting the image of you looking in a mirror seeing yourself looking in a mirror on and on and on into infinity. And when you’re in one of the earlier waves of computer professionals, there’s not many aging role models to light your way. So you just slog on, trying to figure out if you’re just tired, or at a point where you really need to make a serious change. And you find yourself taking long detours on the way home, trying to figure out how to figure things out. So it would be nice to have some Geek priests with whom you could have those long, rambling, philosophical chats with, where you solve all the ethical issues of the world, except for the one you’re dealing with. Where you explore the nature of truth, and faith, and honesty, using every argument you can recall from your college philosophy class, making no more sense now than you made then. But at least when it’s over, you can focus a little better, cope a little longer, and play the string out just a little further. Maybe you’re no better off than you were, but you’re not as aware of it, so you are a little better off than you were. And the next day, you start it all over again.

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  1. 1scott

    Hey, you wanna talk philosophy, I’m there for ya, dude.

    But it sounds to me like what you need is a long vacation by yourself in a ’65 Mustang convertible on Route 66. (I’d turn around in New Mexico, however. You do NOT want to be in the Mohave in a car that old.) That’s what I would do. I’ve personally found Navajo Indians to be very therapeutic.