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Cherry tomatoes

I intended to be much better at posting, but you know what they say about the road to Hell. My vegetable garden got off to a late start this year, due mainly to my tearing a tendon in my ankle the day before New Year’s. That kept me from being able to do much outside work until April. I did get most things planted by Good Friday, though. Because of the late start, my tomatoes are just now coming in, except for the cherry tomatoes. I’ve been harvesting those (Sweet Millions) since late June, while my first Celebrity tomatoes just got picked this past Sunday. I’ve been getting a few yellow squash and zucchini; no pole beans yet.

I’m working with a small garden patch this year, both because that was about all I could do on my still-healing ankle, and because I’m fighting an encroachment of what turns out to be English ivy, spreading under my grass from somewhere in the neighbor’s yard. They have no English ivy that I can see, so it’s a mystery, but it’s under a large part of the area where my vegetable garden is. Here’s what I’ve got going this summer:

garden patch

Yellow squash in the foreground, with some sunflowers towering over them (because I just like sunflowers in the vegetable garden), pole beans to the right covering a trellis (because I forgot to thin the seedlings!); zucchini just to the left of the sunflowers; tomatoes back and to the left; and a bed of zinnias for cutting mixed in with some daylilies that got relocated from a spot that had gotten so shady they hadn’t bloomed in several years, so I moved them to a sunny spot to see what colors I have. Off-camera to the left are two fig cuttings that are replacing my large, overgrown fig (Texas Everbearing) – I won’t have many figs this year, but I’m hoping in a couple of years I’ll have ample harvests again.

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