The Joy Of The Box

Every Sunday, our pastor, after finishing the Children’s Time where he calls the younger kids down front and has a short message for them, gives The Box to one of the kids. It’s a brightly decorated shoebox, and the kid will bring it back the next Sunday with something in it – the only rule is, nothing alive or recently alive. The pastor then uses whatever is in the box as the basis for his message to the children that Sunday. Since he doesn’t know ahead of time what’s in the box, it makes for some interesting moments on occasion, like yesterday when the item was a Mickey Mouse bobblehead.

Anyway, for me the best part of this is when he gives the box to one of the kids and they head back to their parent’s seat. Invariably, the expression on their face is one of complete and utter joy. It seems like such a simple thing to us, but for the child, it’s their Big Moment. And they revel in it. This is carpe diem at it’s finest. I wonder sometimes about the conversations that must go on at that child’s house – are you *sure* you want to put your Super Water Squirter in the box? It’s a shame that as we grow up, we seem to lose the ability to enjoy life so much. Sure, a child’s life is less complicated than an adult’s, but how many of our adult complications are really self-inflicted?

August 25, 2003 В· Harry В· One Comment
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  1. scott - August 25, 2003

    I love children’s sermons. Our assistant pastor was doing one the other day and used a picture of the 10 Commandments from the hall as a visual aid. He said “Now, I stole this from the hall to use as our example today…” and one of the kids said in a that shocked, hushed voice kids use that can be heard 50yds away “You STOLE the 10 Commandments!?” The place went wild…