So You’re A Very Young Blue Jay

You’re on your first day out of the nest, and you haven’t mastered this flying thing yet. Hopping around on the ground is not the smartest thing to do, with cats and stuff around, so you need to find a place where you can chill with a bit of anonymity. Where else would you go?

Blue jay baby in bottle tree

Here’s a closer shot:

But it turns out you’re not alone. You have a brother or sister, who wants a little more elevation:

I watched these two little fellows while I was working outside, to keep them safe from the neighborhood cats. I hope they make it. Blue jays have taken a big hit from West Nile Fever here. But they need to figure out the flying thing pretty quickly.


Here’s a picture my wife took of the two babies together, after the one in the crepe myrtle joined the one in the bottle tree and they decided to do a bit of exploring:

Baby blue jays

2 thoughts on “So You’re A Very Young Blue Jay

  1. What a great place to chill awhile! Great photos!

    (I just scrolled down my email, thinking I should go ahead and delete the old messages, and clicked on an email you sent me, but now I can’t find it, so I don’t remember what post of mine you commented on.)

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