Rotten Little Dog

Rotten little dog

He is the slayer of rats, and botherer of squirrels, cats, and the occasional possum. He lies. And he’s been getting into my garden and causing mischief. Partly it’s because I haven’t had a vegetable garden for several years, and the area where I did have it is part of his regular patrol. So he’s used to going back there. Partly it’s because now that I’m gardening there again, something new is going on and he’s curious about it. But the allure of freshly turned dirt is too much, and he’s been digging here and there, probably looking for pizza bones he’s buried through the years. Regardless, it has created a dissonance between dog and plants. So I decided I had to keep him out. Using this:

But when I got home yesterday, there was a large section, about 5 feet long, pulled or pushed back away from the garden. My wife wasn’t home, so she could not be the culprit. The rotten little dog and I went back there, and I asked him if he knew anything about it. He tried to say the wind had been blowing very hard, and maybe that did it. He lies, remember. Then I found another place where the little fence was bowed in towards the garden. Just about how a rotten little dog would bow it down if he jumped over and couldn’t quite clear the fence. He denies all allegations. He lies.

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