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I’d Rather Be Gardening

But we decided last weekend that it was time to tackle the garage. When we first had our house up for sale two years ago, we de-cluttered and moved lots of things – furniture, books, all kinds of stuff – to a storage room. Last year, we got tired of paying the rent for the storage, and moved it all back to our garage, where it has been ever since. We couldn’t get either car in there – we could barely walk through there – so this past Saturday we began sifting through. We spent all Saturday, much of Sunday, and all Monday dealing with it. Five trips to Goodwill and six garbage bags later, we had it down to a few small remnants and one unruly corner huddled in the back corner. We had to do it now in preparation for our kitchen and laundry remodeling that we think will start in the next couple of weeks. We’ll (hopefully!) set up a temporary kitchen of sorts in the garage, with at least a microwave and our Coleman camp stove. Maybe we can make it the five or six weeks the remodeling should take.

There’s all sorts of gardening things I need to be doing, and now that the foundation contractor is done, I have no further excuses (except for finishing the garage). The Texas Everbearing fig needs to be pruned severely – it got totally out of hand last year. I have a rooting from the fig that needs to be planted. I still have tulip bulbs that haven’t been planted. My two Graham Thomas roses that have been in pots since last winter have to find a home. And I have to do something with the front of the house. Maybe this weekend…

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