Starting Over

I mentioned that after having our house for sale, I was ready to get back to gardening for me. Us. Me. It will actually be even more of a blank slate, because of some foundation work we’re having done. I had planted some nandina on the side of the house to screen the air conditioner units, and like nandina often does, it got a little out of control. And the last summer’s drought had killed several azaleas I had planted on either side of the front entry. Over the past couple of days, the foundation guys have dug up all of the nandina, and the one remaining azalea. Use a little imagination with this picture:

This picture is about a dozen years old, taken not long after I’d removed a line of hollies that fronted the house, so take away the two small crepe myrtles flanking the sidewalk, and the small shrubs (also take away the gnome, who suffered an unfortunate accident one Halloween), and that’s where I’m back to. Blank slate. I’m looking forward to it, really. The foundation guys are being unbelievably neat, so things won’t be a mess when they’re gone. But it will be about a week before they finish, so I need to start planning.

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