Carrying the Mail

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Reading about yesterday’s action by the Postal Regulatory Agency, wherein they denied the postal service’s request to raise first-class rates from 44 cents to 46 cents, I started thinking that the post office is, and has been, getting a bad rap. When you step back from all the complaints, her’s what you see:

For 44 cents, you can hand the post office a letter and have them take that letter for you anywhere in the United States, and in a couple of days, they’ll deliver it for you. Anywhere in the country. That’s not a bad deal. In fact, it’s a pretty damn good deal. And this from an agency whose competitors – FedEx and UPS, mainly – have been allowed to cherry-pick the most lucrative delivery categories for themselves.

I don’t drink coffee, but on rare occasions I’ve picked up a coffee-type drink for someone (I say “coffee-type”, because honestly I don’t know what else you would call the lattes and grandes and cappucinos that people drink now. Some people even still drink just plain “coffee”). It amazes me that they’ll pay $4, $5, $6 (or more) for one of those drinks every day. And then complain that mailing a letter is too expensive. In this day of email and Facebook and text messaging, sometimes you just need (or want) to send a letter. If it were up to me, I’d say make it an even 50 cents for first class postage. No need to mess with pennies, and they could use the extra money.

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  1. Berial says:

    Allowing others to compete but only where it’s profitable for them has really cost the post office a bundle. They really do get a bad rap and they are basically in an untenable situation now.

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