Senate Health Care Reform Plan (H.R. 3590), Part the Eleventh

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Picking up at page 2005 – simple cafeteria plans for small businesses are established. I have to admit, I don’t grasp the significance of this, there must be something in existing laws that makes this difficult. Moving on to Title X, the act prohibits the imposition of lifetime or annual dollar limits on coverage. And our national paranoia about any form of gun control asserts itself – the act prohibits the collection of any information related to ‘‘(A) the presence or storage of a lawfully possessed firearm or ammunition in the residence or on the property of an individual; or ‘‘(B) the lawful use, possession, or storage of a firearm or ammunition by an individual.”; and the presence or ownership of guns or ammunition cannot be used to increase insurance premiums. Amazing.

States can choose to outlaw any abortion coverage plans offered through the exchanges if they enact a state law prohibiting those services. No insurance plan can be forced to offer coverage for abortion services. If a plan does offer this coverage, the enrollee must pay for this coverage by a separate payment from their normal premium payment; if by payroll deduction, there must be two deductions; the insurance company must keep the payments for premiums covering abortion services in an account separate from their general account, and the payments for the services must come from these respective accounts.

If you’re interested (and I highly doubt that this survives the House), the infamous Ben Nelson payoff for Nebraska is on page 2129.

The act establishes a fund for states to assist pregnant and parenting teens and women, for things such as pregnancy/parenting student services centers established by colleges and universities or improving services offered to victims of domestic violence.

The act extends Medicare coverage to individuals exposed to and suffering from specific effects from certain environmental hazards (think mesothelioma and other cancers). And it will modernize the information technology used for Medicaid and Medicare.

The last hundred or so pages wind it down with sections about assisting the creation of collaborative community-based health centers for low-income patients, better access to dialysis and diabetes care, creating “centers of excellence” for treatment of depression. and enhancing the treatment for congenital heart disease and breast cancer.

Oh, and it creates a task force to “assess access to health care for beneficiaries of Federal health care systems in Alaska; and ‘‘(2) develop a strategy for the Federal Government to improve delivery of health care to Federal beneficiaries in the State of Alaska.” And it funds demonstration projects for states “for the development, implementation, and evaluation of alternatives to current tort litigation for resolving disputes over injuries allegedly caused by health care providers or health care organizations”.

The End.

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