Thoughts of the day

Some thoughts about gas prices:

Poliblog is bemoaning the lack of joy among liberals concerning the rise in gas prices. I think he’s misguided somewhat, but not entirely.
– When you bought your enormous SUV with the huge V-8 engine, there was a sticker on the window. That gas mileage number on the sticker? It meant something. Stop whining.
– to John Kerry and certain other Democrats: as much as we’d like to think it so, the President of the United States is not a board member of OPEC. He can’t make them increase production. I’m sure George Bush has expressed his concerns to OPEC members. Drop it, already!
– also to John Kerry and others: this is not a national emergency. The Strategic Petroleum Reserve exists in case the Middle East goes nuclear or something, not so Mr. Enormous SUV Owner can buy $1.35 a gallon gasoline. Drop this one, too.
– to George Bush and those drill-happy Republicans: please leave ANWR out this. Really. There’s just not enough there.
– if the price of gas really bothers you, drive slower.

Other random thoughts:

– Much as I hate to admit it, John Kerry is a pretty boring presidential candidate. Or I should say, his campaign has gotten boring. If you ask me if I want Kerry to be President, I would say “yes”. If you ask me why, I would say “I’m not sure”.
– I wonder how many Republicans would replace George Bush on the 2004 ticket if they really had the chance to do it? I mean, do people really like the job he’s doing? If an employee was handling his job the way Bush is handling his, how many companies would keep him around?

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