Senate Health Care Reform Plan (H.R. 3590), Part the First

I’ve decided, what with all the ranting and counter-ranting going on, that I would read the Senate health care reform plan. Not all at one time, that would be mind-numbing to the point of death, but I’m going to get through it. I’ll post my thoughts as I go along.

Text of the bill (H.R 3590)

317 pages into the health plan. So far, I haven’t found anything that should bother people. It’s basically said insurance companies can’t mess you over, makes them explain their policies and costs in plain language, makes them report publicly how much of their revenues actually go towards paying for health care. There will be exchanges, which are basically online insurance stores selling approved policies, with common enrollment forms. Federal money can’t pay for abortions. There’s a tax credit for premiums if you’re below 200% of the poverty line. No denying coverage for pre-existing conditions. A high-risk pool is set up for the first few years for those people who can’t get coverage from other insurers.

Moving on…

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