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While Mississippi isn’t known for rocks, I do have some in my garden as accents. My in-laws own about 250 acres about 40 miles from my house. While wandering the property years ago, I found a small outcropping of some fairly large rocks, probably sandstone. I moved a few to my garden. Those rocks recently told me how old I’ve gotten. 20 years ago, I picked up each rock by myself and lifted it into the back of my pickup truck. Last year, when I wanted to move them to another part of the garden, I had to get a two-wheel dolly and roll them onto it. I doubt that they’ve gotten heavier!

I saw the first crocus blooms earlier this week, and early daffodils are putting up foliage. The tulips I finally got around to planting a couple of weeks ago (after being refrigerated for two months) are beginning to peek out above the soil. There’s still cold weather ahead, but in Mississippi, this is the time that winter begins slowly loosening it’s grip. Not a bad time at all, if the rain will just stop for a little while.

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