Corporate Personhood

The Supreme Court ruling last week on corporate political spending was based on the determination that corporations have the same first amendment rights as an individual where free speech is concerned. And while many, primarily in the Republican camp, have greeted this ruling as if the very essence of democracy had been restored, I can’t help but wonder how far this will go. Will the court be able to restrict these new corporate rights to just the First Amendment? For that matter, will it be able to prevent it from being extended to the entire First Amendment? Will a corporation be able to establish a church and claim tax exempt status for some parts of its operations? What about the Second Amendment? Will Xe-nee-Blackwater be allowed to establish a company militia within the United States? On what legal basis will we infringe on their right to keep and bear arms? Will corporate trials be forced to seat juries composed only of other corporations? For that matter, since the Supreme Court has now held corporations to be equivalent to individuals under the law, will they be allowed to vote? I know some will say this is a ludicrous statement, but our law tends (although not in this case) to be built on precedent. And Justice Kennedy and his Hour Horsemen of the Apocrypha have just laid down quite a precedent.

January 25, 2010 В· Harry В· No Comments
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