Ice On The Pond

Driving to church this morning, I realized that I was seeing something you hardly ever see here – ice on the surface of streams and ponds. Granted, it was a thin layer, but it just never happens. You’ll sometimes see some icing along the stream bank, or at the edge of a pond, but this ice was stretching almost all across the stream. A pond I often walk by in the mornings had small chunks of ice floating in it. In past years, even when we would get below freezing, we wouldn’t go low enough, or stay at that temperature long enough, for icing to occur. It’s been cold, but it’s been interesting – or maybe just different. But I look forward to seeing what plants in my yard come back from this. And the great thing about living in the Deep South is that, unlike my more northern friends, I know that even this cold snap won’t last long. By mid-week we’ll be back in the upper 50s. So even with temperatures just peeking above 32F for the first time in three days, I can look forward to doing some gardening-related things later in the week, even if it’s just cleaning up pots and beds. And the big-box stores are already stocking up their garden centers, so at the very least I can walk around and look at gardening stuff. I guess stores do that everywhere, but in Mississippi, you can look at seed racks and think that within a month or so you can start some seeds if you feel so led. In fact, since the ground doesn’t freeze here, there are some things I could plant this week – sweet peas, for instance. And with leaves gone and foliage having died on many perennials, the bones of the garden are much easier to see. It’s a great time to plan, or correct what you did wrong last year. Or just walk around in the sun.

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