RLP and the Raccoon

Sunday, 4 April 2004, 21:00 | Category : Other Stuff
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Do yourself a favor, go to Real Live Preacher and read the series of posts about the raccoon. It’s hilarious.

I’ll make it easy for you:

Part 1: In which we are introduced to the raccoon

Part 2: In which the raccoon gains the upper hand/paw

Part 3: In which RLP calls for outside assistance

Part 4: An air of resignation

Part 5: In which RLP invokes a new and hideous weapon

Part 6: In which fox urine is avoided, and RLP emerges victorious

One Comment for “RLP and the Raccoon”

  1. 1scott

    I don’t know what kind of den material a coon uses, but I hope he got it removed, cause if not, the first time he lights a fire in that fireplace his house is gonna go up like a Roman candle.