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Saturday, 12 December 2009, 20:50 | Category : Christmas
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I love Christmas lights.  I guess it’s the little kid in me, but each year I spent a good deal of time putting up lights and other outdoor decorations.  Not to the point that it makes the evening news, but enough that I enjoy them.  I set up automatic timers that turn on the lights at dusk, so I get to see them when I come home in the evening.  For years, I decorated a small crabapple tree by the front fence with crystal ornaments, but the tree died last year, and it’s replacement hasn’t grown to the point I could decorate it, so the ornaments are getting a year off.  Here’s the result of my decorating this Christmas:

Front lights

I decorate the arbor over the front walk with red ornaments and bows to give a splash of color:


And I illuminate my bottle tree by feeding white lights inside the bottles. I like the effect:

Bottle tree

Here’s the effect after dark:

Front lights

Maybe it’s not for everyone, but I like ’em!

3 Comments for “Christmas Lights”

  1. 1loren

    Beautiful. I love Christmas lights.

  2. 2Linkmeister

    What, no Trans-Siberian Orchestra music synchronized with your beautiful lights?

    One guy two or three years ago and now that kind of thing is all over YouTube.

  3. 3kenju

    That all looks great!! I’m such a Scrooge that I don’t do any outdoor decorating.

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