Birds On The Water

Thursday, 5 November 2009, 7:21 | Category : Birds, Mississippi, Nature
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I went to a different stretch of beach late this afternoon, an area where I’ve been seeing lots of birds. On and around the remains of a couple of piers ruined by Katrina, I found a large group of pelicans, seagulls, sandpipers. Pelicans, it would seem, are as serene as gulls are raucous. The pelicans were content to bask in the late afternoon sun…


This group looked like they were intensely pondering whatever it is pelicans ponder…


Meanwhile, the gulls appeared to be loud for the sake of being loud, constantly moving and rearranging themselves…

Incoming gull

Standing room only!


No perch unperched!

But in the end, they all get together and figure it out…

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  1. 1Berial

    Nice photo’s! You actually learning anything down there, or just taking this chance to practice your photography skills?

  2. 2loren

    Wow, quite the assortment of birds there.

    Strangely enough looks like the same birds we get on the ocean here in the Pacific Northwest.

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