Sunset On The Gulf

I’ve been on the Mississippi coast last week and again this week for training.  This evening as the sun was setting I decided to walk along the beach, taking my camera along.  This was my first shot:

(Click on the pictures to see the original size)

Sunset on the Gulf of Mexico

Then I noticed a lone pelican skimming the water. I wasn’t sure if there was enough light to get anything, but I tried anyway, and I’m pleased with the result:

Pelican at sunset

And finally, as the light faded even more, I took this last picture, looking west over the port facilities at Gulfport:

Sunset, Gulfport, MS

I had tried to avoid getting the port structures in other pictures, but I think I really like the silhouettes against the red sky. Then I took pelican picture and played with it in Paintshop Pro…

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  1. Lee Ann Reiners says:

    Beautiful shots Harry! I especially like the positioning of the pelican in relation to the sunlight.

  2. linda says:


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