Jackson Quilters show

Sunday, 20 September 2009, 20:08 | Category : Mississippi, Other Stuff
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My mother’s quilt group had their annual show this weekend, here’s some pictures I took.

This is my mother’s second-place winner in the hand-quilted category!

Here’s some other quilts:

This next one was made by an 8-year old girl (with some help putting it all together).

5 Comments for “Jackson Quilters show”

  1. 1Jackie

    Debbie, your mother’s quilt is gorgeous, in fact, ALL of the quilts are stunning. I love quilt shows!

  2. 2Berial

    I was told quilting was a lost art. Glad I was told wrong.

  3. 3Dave

    Hey the Houston Quilt Show is just around the corner, biggest in the world. My Wife and Sister go ever year.:wink:

  4. 4Dave

    Hello, tap tap tap, testing, this thang got side tone? :wink: Will it work??

  5. 5Harry

    My mother has been to the Houston show a couple of times with her quilt group. I think for them it’s something like bypassing the dying part and going straight to heaven.

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