Potted Meat Food Research

I said I didn’t really want to know about this stuff. Just the name is enough to make a vegan out of you. But I couldn’t help myself. First, there was Jeff Lee’s Potted Meat Food Product Tribute Page. But Jeff wasn’t content to just make a tribute page to PMFP. No, he also wrote a song. And then, there’s the Potted Meat Food Museum. Venturing further into the digital hinterlands, there’s this blog entry from The Sneeze, which contains an actual picture of an opened can of PMFP. And this site gives a history of Armour PMFP ingredients. PMFP seems like really nasty stuff. I cannot imagine how much worse imitation PMFP, or IPMFP, would be.

February 18, 2004 В· Harry В· One Comment
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  1. Mark Hasty - February 18, 2004

    On the whole, I’m glad I decided to eat lunch before checking the blogroll.