there was this guy, a sort of aging baby boomer guy, not quite in step with most of those around him.  And he had this blog, a sort of little-bit-of-everything-not-much-of-nothing kind of blog, which he updated fairly regularly.  And then he sort of stopped, for a little while, which turned into a longer while, until he wasn’t sure if he was still blogging or not.  Nearly all of his few regular readers drifted away, because who wants to read a blog that never has anything new?  And there was this Facebook thing that broke out of the college campuses and escaped into the wild, and everybody thought it was really cool, and besides all you had to do was type really short posts and comments, and take these quizzes.  Facebook was just it.  This guy, this formerly-regularly-posting blogger guy, also spent some time on Facebook.  Heck, he still does.  But Facebook is kind of like walking through the mall.  You nod at people who pass (at least, you do this in the South).  And if you chance to see an acquaintance, you might even have a brief conversation.  Then you move on.  Like going to the mall, Facebook gets kinda boring after a while.

So, this guy decided to come back to his blog.  Just as when he first started it, he doesn’t really know what it’s all about.  But if he can just figure out a way to do this regularly, maybe it will come.

4 thoughts on “So…

  1. Harry, thanks for the visit and comments today. I’m glad to know you are back (although I didn’t even know you were gone!)

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