Cars I’ve owned

Wednesday, 28 January 2004, 20:51 | Category : Autos
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Mark has been talking about Bad Cars Of The 80s; and while my old cars weren’t bad cars, it still got me thinking about them. So I went looking for pictures. And found a few. I’m still looking for a picture of my first car, a 1960 Ford Falcon. But here’s Car #2 and Car #3. Car #2, a 1967 Volkswagen Convertible:

and Car #3, and 1978 Datsun 510:

2 Comments for “Cars I’ve owned”

  1. 1Mark Hasty

    I’m very jealous of the 510, and I’m not kidding.

  2. 2scott

    It must be a requirement in the Democratic party that you, at least one time in your life, owned a Beetle. (Kinda like Hummers for Republicans)

    I had a 510 station wagon in high school. That thing would run at 110mph. All. Day. Long. And never broke. Amazing.