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I was at Walmart tonight.  I wanted shampoo.  I couldn’t find shampoo.  Not just regular shampoo, anyway.  I could find vitamin-enriched shampoo, fruity shampoo, shampoo for damaged hair, shampoo that could clarify, fortify, moisturize, thicken, and nourish with coconut milk.  I can find hydrating shampoo, raspberry shampoo, grapeseed shampoo, and shampoo with conditioner in a variety of ways.  I can make my hair shiny and smooth, or pump up the volume, or repair split ends.  But what I couldn’t find was just shampoo.  Whatever happened to White Rain?  What if you just have hair?

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  1. 1Pat

    Go to Walgreens. They have a clear shampoo for $1.00 “White Rain.” Oddly it is not always with the rest of the shampoo. It is often in their specials aisle. No odor, no additives, just clean hair.

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