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Wednesday, 21 February 2007, 22:18 | Category : Nature
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A couple of times lately on my way home, I had seen what appeared to be two hawks on a nest. Sunday afternoon, I decided to spend some time hawk-watching. I didn’t want to disturb them, so I set up about 400 feet away, with binoculars to watch, and one of my small telescopes on a tripod as a 400mm f/5 telephoto lens for my Pentax SLR, witha roll of Kodak 200 ISO (no, I don’t have a DSLR yet!). Not the best setup, and the pictures aren’t of great quality, but it was what I had. Here’s the nest:

The nest is the large clump at the top. About the time I got there (around 3:00 PM), both hawks flew off, to hunt I assume. About an hour and a half later, one finally returned. You can see it on top of the nest in this picture:

About 10 minutes later, the second hawk returned:

For a few minutes, both hawks stayed at the nest:

Then one flew away again:

Then the second hawk flew away:

This shot was taken with a 70-210mm zoom, at 210mm f/8, handheld.

At this point, I moved to a closer location, about 150 feet from the nest, on the other side of the tree. The hawks returned shortly afterwards, but I must have made them uncomfortable, because after a few minutes they both flew to another tree about 100 feet away:

2 Comments for “Hawk Watching”

  1. 1Billunit

    It might be interesting to see the pair bringing home prey to feed the family when they hatch. Can you reveal the location of the nest. I’m a pretty experienced birder and know not to disturb them.

  2. 2Hal

    On so many of our treks through the delta to visit grandparents when I was a kid – Daddy often pointed out hawks circling, in trees, on utility poles, etc. Fond memories. Don’t recall a nest ever being pointed out to me, though.