The Wrong Debate

I’ve mostly stayed away from politics since the election, but for this post, at least, I’m going political. I’ve been watching some, and reading about more of the debate in the House of Representatives over the non-binding resolution about Iraq. Given my political inclinations, you could be forgiven if you assume my sympathies are with the Democrats. But they aren’t. I see this debate as worse than useless, other than allowing some of our politicians on both sides to do what they do best, preen for the cameras. And give themselves a little cover for the next election. But it won’t do anything to change the course of the Iraq war. Why? Because any effect the resolution might have pales beside the only resolution that matters, which was the one passed by the voters in November 2006. Everybody knows we’re pretty much all sick of this war. But a non-binding resolution won’t change anything about what passes for strategy and tactics within the Bush White House. So we’re being treated to the spectacle of Congress making much ado about nothing, instead of turning their attention to things on which they could have some effect. There’s no shortage of problems – health care, the environment, the Federal budget, even defense issues.

But there should be a debate, just not about a non-binding resolution saying something we all know. The debate should be about whether to impeach George Bush. I’m not saying he should be. I don’t claim to know. But it is quite possible the invasion of Iraq was either a tragic miscalculation born out of an immense hubris, an inept blunder of colossal proportions, or one of the greatest frauds ever perpetrated upon this nation. It has so far cost us over $360 billion,over 3100 US dead, over 23,000 wounded. Not to mention the 50,000 to 100,000 Iraqi dead. Maybe it wasn’t one of those reasons. Maybe it really was just an honest mistake caused by a series of misinterpretations and overly optimistic assumptions. But considering the human and monetary costs, the answers should be found. George Bush is the President. The responsibility is his, the accountability is his. His actions will affect the reputation of this nation, will affect our ability to move in world affairs, will affect thousands of families for years. The debate should be over how and when the actions, the decisions, the plans were made committing this nation to the invasion of Iraq and the overthrow of Saddam Hussein. George Bush shouldn’t get a pass on this one. Neither should Congress. They need to get back to work.

February 15, 2007 В· Harry В· 2 Comments
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  1. loren - February 15, 2007

    Okay now, if were going to impeach anyone it has to begin with Cheney, not Bush.

    God protect this nation if somehow the Presidency should fall into Cheney’s hands.

    Still, I’ll agree that this is pretty much a non-story, which is why I have no idea whats been going on with it.

  2. BIGJIM - February 16, 2007

    I think I won the over/under pool on how long it would take Harry to post “impeach George Bush”.