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Spam Block Spam

I tried to send an email to someone tonight, someone I know but wouldn’t consider a close friend. I got this back:

I apologize for this automatic reply to your email.

To control spam, I now allow incoming messages only from senders I have approved beforehand.

If you would like to be added to my list of approved senders, please fill out the short request form (see link below). Once I approve you, I will receive your original message in my inbox. You do not need to resend your message. I apologize for this one-time inconvenience.

Click the link below to fill out the request:

Needless to say, I didn’t fill out the short request form, and therefore won’t be approved. And therefore, he won’t receive my email. I don’t know many people who use those spam-blockers,fortunately, because I really don’t like the implication that somehow I’m not worthy to send emails. What really bothers me is when people on mailing lists turn these things on – as a listowner, when I encounter someone doing this, I block them from the list. I hate spam as much as the next person, but this isn’t the way to handle it.

Changing the subject, I think the President is giving a pretty good speech tonight. A much different tone than his previous speeches. I’d give him a B+. Not that I agree with everything he said, but it was a good speech nonetheless.

Interesting – on the way out, the President walked right past Senator Lott. Shook hands before and after him, but not Trent’s.

2 thoughts on “Spam Block Spam

  1. It’s not unlike what a lot of people (including me) have done on our blogs. You submit a comment, and then you are not white-listed until the comment is approved. The difference, I’d guess, is that because of the sheer volume of spam most people get, there’s no effective way to pick out the messages to white-list from the bucket, so they make you fill out a form instead.

    Honestly, it’s not a bad solution, and I might fill something out if it means that I’m helping keep somebody else’s inbox clean.

  2. This is really funny, because I just wrote a post on what I believe to be real spam before I went back and read yours. I don’t get that much spam on gmail.

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