Comet Lunacy

Saturday, 13 January 2007, 22:33 | Category : Lunatic Fringe
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There’s a comet about
and the crazies come out

My first clue was when I noticed my site had a search hit for “comet mcnaught prophecy”. I tried to ignore it, but curiousity got the best of me. No, I won’t post any links, you can google them for yourself. There was some Nostradamus, of course, including some of his quatrains. There was a Mormon end-times blog that called it the Great Red Comet. There was another blog that speculated it was the Hopi Indian Blue star comet. Those two need to get together and decide what color it really is. Or just combine and call it the Purple Comet. I didn’t see anyone talking about a Great Green Comet, or if anything is trying to hide behind the tail.

Anyway, here’s a message for anyone who reaches this site by searching for “comet mcnaught prophecy”:

It’s a ball of ice and dust. It doesn’t mean anything. It’s just there, doing it’s cometary thing. Don’t go buying any Nikes.

2 Comments for “Comet Lunacy”

  1. 1Seven Star Hand (LW Page)

    Perhaps there is more here than meets the eye. Though an event is misinterpreted by some, it doesn’t negate the possibility that a similar outcome is “in the cards.” Though religion has stolen the mantle of prophecy, its origins were in ancient wisdom, not mysticism or religion.

    Here is Wisdom…

  2. 2scott

    Is that Hopi comet where they get the secret ingredient for Blue Star Ointment? I hear that’s good stuff…

    In other news, it’s National Fruit Loop Day…