Saturday Morning Walking

My Saturday morning walks are usually less hurried that my weekday walks, and often longer. This morning I decided to take my camera along and see if anything inspired me. I took a different route, past one of the few remaining undeveloped pieces of land in my small ‘burb. I had noticed this fence before, it seems out of place in a town that seems to consist of endless new developments featuring French Provincial or Tuscan architecture, but there it was alongside a small subdivision:

I had this picture in mind when I saw took this picture. The connection between the two is mainly in my mind, although both do consist of leaves, and small branch, and a tree trunk. Beyond that… it’s mainly creativity theft from Loren.

A little further along was the undeveloped property. I decided to slip around the gate and wander through it, and found a small pond with this patient fisherman (I have no quarrel with them when they’re not in my goldfish pond!)”

These berries look like serviceberry, but the leaves are different. More investigation to follow…

The last picture I took before the camera batteries failed was this goldenrod. When I noticed the gold against the blue of the morning sky, I had to take the shot. But because of the batteries I only got one chance.

August 26, 2006 В· Harry В· 2 Comments
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  1. loren - August 27, 2006

    Is that a Great Egret or a Snowy Egret, harry?

    Either it

  2. Harry - August 27, 2006

    Great Egret. The Great has a yellow bill, the snowy has a black bill, and the Great is larger. This bird was standing 24″ above the water.