In Which I Once Again Embark On A Ranger Rant

It’s been 5 months since my last rant, I feel due for another one. What triggered this one? Well, Mark, for one, although he couldn’t have anticipated it. Just an innocent post on a mailing list. But what really did it was this:

Ford Future Products Update, on

Ford has already announced that the Ranger is dead after next year. Or at least, they’re shutting down the only plant that makes them, in St. Paul. Maybe they’ll start a Ranger cottage industry in western North Dakota. But I think not. So, no Ranger after 2007, apparently. So let’s look at the Ford Future Products Update to see what’s coming.

2007 – the Edge crossover; a re-engineered, re-styled Expedition. Wow! That gets what, 15 mpg? And a re-designed SportTrac.

2008 – a “reskinned” Focus. “Reskinned”? That sounds brutal. The Five Hundred “freshened”. Didn’t they just introduce that? How much freshening does a brand new model need? The next-generation Escape. I bet the gas mileage goes down. The Freestyle freshened. (sigh). The F250 and F350 redesigned.

2009 – The Fusion, the Crown Vic, the Explorer all get freshened. Changing out the pine scent for French vanilla? And the F150 gets re-engineered.

2010 – a new small sedan of some sort, maybe. A new cross-over of some sort, maybe. The Five Hundred gets French vanilla. The Mustang gets restyled. The way Ford thinks, they’ll probably give us the Mustang II II.

WHERE THE HECK IS THE RANGER??????? Hey Ford, ever think that maybe the reason F150 sales are falling by bazillions of percent is because at $3.00+ a gallon for gas, maybe people don’t want to drive these as much? Imagine if there was a smaller pickup truck, that got 29-30 miles per gallon, and maybe didn’t need to tow 10,000 pounds – OK, so you give up that 2% of the market. What if you said “Hey, here’s a truck that will haul what 98% of you haul, and gets the best gas mileage of any truck on the market”? Oh wait, you had that, and you killed it off. Never mind.

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