Sometimes A Great Notion

Maybe there was a competition sparked by this picture:

Or maybe it was just that inbred ingenuity that has led to so many “Hey y’all, watch this!” moments. Or maybe it was something else entirely that caused this person to look at their Ford Escort (it looks like an Escort, anyway) and think “Hmmm, heavy hauler”:

I can’t imagine the stark terror that must have grown in the mind of whatever poor fool found himself or herself behind this idiot in traffic.

But hey, if Escort Hauler guy had just met this fellow, they could have maybe balanced the refrigerator in the canoe and save gas!:

But maybe the entire affair happened only because his van was having problems:

I’m sure his cousin would have helped move the ‘frig, but it seems he was busy:

Likewise, his brother-in-law was also on a moving mission:

And his sister was also tied up, or maybe taped up:

And where was his son? Getting ready to mow the yard, that’s where!

At least when they all got their stuff moved, they were able to get together and team up on one last job:

There’s no cure for stupidity!

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