Desperate Times For President Bush

Thursday, 20 July 2006, 9:19 | Category : Politics
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President Bush, stung by yet another defection from his ever-shrinking pool puddle of support, is finally discovering that there are black people in his America and is appearing before the NAACP convention. The defection? A major one, and one made publicly. Jim, who has been a staunch Republican even though he’s never realized how starkly different his views are from the majority of Republican positions, has officially joined the non-aligned. I’m forseeing a link to on Bigjim any day now.

But back to the NAACP thing – why is Bush going to speak at their convention now? I’ve heard a variety of potential reasons – reaching out to mend fences, helping Lynn Swann in his run for the Pennsylvania governorship, looking for support anywhere he can get it. But I think for Bush it’s a no-brainer. For Bush, it’s a win-win situation. If he goes, makes a good speech, maybe ties in the Voting Rights Act renewal, it will play well in the big media, divert attention from his potty-mouth and playing handsy with Angela Merkel at the G8 summit. But if he encounters a hostile reception from the audience, the image of all those “liberals” booing and jeering him will undoubtedly play well before what was his base before he began chipping away at his constituency by being a big-spending, international interventionist, pathologically secretive, stubborn autocrat. The only way he can lose is if he’s caught trying to give Bruce Gordon a backrub.

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  1. 1Jim

    Not so fast Harry…

  2. 2chris s.

    If jim links to my wife may cash in on my life insurance.