New York City, Part IV-a

After visiting the Ground Zero site, we walked east and north a bit to the Brooklyn Bridge. We didn’t walk all the way across, only as far as the first tower. At that point, it began to rain briefly, although the sun was shining and the sky overhead was blue (The first picture was taken during our Monday evening harbor cruise, not the day of our visit to the bridge). Strange. The geometry of the cables fascinated me:

Do you see the bicyclist in the picture below? She yelled at me for being in her lane on the bridge. Only time I got yelled at in New York. Granted, I was on that side, but just barely, and I was moving to the other side already. I thought it was a bit snippy.

July 10, 2006 В· Harry В· One Comment
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  1. scott - July 16, 2006

    Did you grace the cyclist with your patented “Bite me.”?