New York City, Part II

Day 3 – Tuesday. We got up early again so we could be at the Good Morning America studio by 6AM. I wouldm have preferred sleeping a little later, but this was another big thing on wife and daughter’s list of things to do. And in truth, it didn’t bother me too much to be doing it, I never sleep well in hotels so I was awake early enough anyway. So, at 6AM there we were…

GMA actually has a couple of indoor studios, one at street level and one “downstairs”, wherever that is. Through the window we could see this band preparing to perform. We discovered it was Julie Roberts, who sings the GMA theme song, and is also apparently a country star of some magnitude, I gathered. (Country isn’t my genre of choice).

Shortly before 7, a crew came outside and began setting up for the GMA weatherman, Bob Barz. We were instructed to be very enthusiastic, like we actually knew who the weather guy was. Shortly after the weathercast, which followed the opening news segment, they began letting some of us inside the street-level studio. I was the last person let in – a GMA production assistant drew this little heart on my hand to signify the end of the line.

The studio isn’t all that large, so even if you’re at the back of the crowd, you see things up close. To my left, just out of sight, was the stage where Julie Roberts would perform. To my right was a small area where they set up for special segments – today’s was about getting stains out of clothes. Pretty exciting stuff! But, as I said, you’re close to the action if you get inside. Julie Roberts was maybe 20 feet away. Diane Sawyer, Charlie Gibson, and Robin Roberts came up about halfway through the show and did the rest from this studio. During commercial breaks, they do lots of mingling with the crowd. All three are very loose and informal during these breaks, Charlie especially so. Below, clockwise from upper left: Julie Roberts, Diane Sawyer, Charlie Gibson, Robin Roberts.

From there, it was down to Soho and Chinatown for some shopping. Soho seems to be changing from the boutiques that I understand were once the mainstay to big-name stores. Kris saw some things she liked, but not enough to buy. I amused myself taking a picture from an intersection – north, east, south, west clockwise from top.

After Soho it was time for Chinatown. “You want purse? You want Gucci?” Something fishy this way comes.

July 5, 2006 В· Harry В· 2 Comments
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  1. chris s. - July 6, 2006

    It’s cool that you’re taking the time to post this stuff. It’s really ineresting. I always want to but never post about travel this way.

    Oh, and I can tell by the fact that you didn’t include a picture of your wife or daughter while at The View that you went by yourself.

  2. Harry - July 6, 2006

    d00d! I am the shark that The View jumped the next day!