So, I Took This Trip…

Twelve days ago, my wife, youngest daughter, and I headed out on this summer’s vacation. Day 1, we drove from Mississippi to Greensboro, North Carolina, to see my sister. About twelve hours’ driving time, so I expected to get there around 8PM, but due to road construction delays, and Atlanta traffic (we hit Atlanta about 4PM), we didn’t get to my sister’s house until midnight. A long day driving. We stayed in Greensboro the next day, and left Friday morning for Philadelphia. I’d never been to Philly, and we wanted to see the historic old downtown. It was interesting to see where the American Revolution began…
And of course, the Liberty Bell, which I discovered wasn’t actually called the Liberty Bell until at least the 1830s, and then only by a few. The term apparently came into general use in the late 1800s when it was taken around the country for display.
On Sunday, it was time to get back in the car and head for the Main Event.

More to come…

July 2, 2006 В· Harry В· One Comment
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  1. chris s. - July 3, 2006

    Man, I’ve been waiting a week for this stuff and now you make it a “to be continued…”? I’m going to start thinking that you’re no better than the TV executives.