Wendy’s Frescata Sandwiches

Their ad says “Do deli so fresh, fast, and convenient it’ll make your head spin”. I decided to try one tonight. I had to leave work and go directly to a meeting about 40 miles away, no time to go home. So I decided that was a good excuse to try one.

Here’s the short version: Wendy’s should stick to making hamburgers.

Here’s the long version: I ordered a Frescata Club. The picture made it look like a really nice deli-style sandwich with turkey and Black Forest ham slices, complemented by slices of bacon, lettuce, and tomato. Well, the sanwdich did visually resemble the picture. But what I got was cold ham and turkey slices topped by tasteless bacon, lettuce, and a lifeless tomato slice, all culinarily intimidated by a layer of mayonnaise that was sufficient to ruin the taste of twice as much meat as was actually on the sandwich. And the bun? It was tough, not particularly tasty, not particularly appealing. And for this I had to wait over 20 minutes while “the bread baked”. If they have to bake the bread when you order the sandwich, they need to tell you. So, for $5.44 I got a sandwich that I didn’t like, served after a long enough wait to make me 15 minutes late for my meeting. Not a mistake I’ll make again. Harry says pass on the Frescata.

June 1, 2006 В· Harry В· Comments Closed
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