The Netherworld

Today I’m inhabiting that antihistamine-induced netherworld between life and death. The world seems to be about 3 1/2 degrees out of kilter, north by northwest. I’m too pathetic to even be bothered by people coming in to bother me. The cottony substance that has replaced my brain has me too spaced out to notice that I’m being bothered. But the day hasn’t been a total loss. I’ve discovered that indeed, you can’t use an Oracle9i listener against an Oracle 10g database, although an Oracle9i database is quite the happy with an Oracle10g listener. I’ve discovered that a single space in a table column will cause the XMLForest function to get all froggy about the output; although why there is a single space in a column that should be null is beyond me at the moment. I suppose, at some point, I put it there. I’ve discovered that putting 3 packs of Wendy’s chili seasoning in a small Wendy’s chili, eaten with a Wendy’s Spicy Chicken sandwich, means you need to make sure you keep you cup of root beer close to full. It was a futile attempt to clear up my head. I’ve discovered that it’s possible to feel like you have to sneeze for two hours, without ever actually sneezing. There is no way that can be good either for your sinuses, your psyche, or your mind. I’ve discovered that the Oracle XDB install and dictionary build can cause some of the underlying XML views to become invalid, which will prevent a database export. I bet you never knew you were missing that particular piece of information, but there you are. And I discovered that some Oracle functionality that isn’t licensed in Standard Edition, only in Enterprise Edition, is actually available in SE, Oracle just doesn’t tell you. They probably tell you somewhere deep in the licensese, along with warnings of dire consequences if you actually do it. I don’t know if I’ll ever care.

May 4, 2006 В· Harry В· One Comment
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  1. chris s. - May 5, 2006

    OK, no more drugs for you my friend. Put the benadryl down before there’s an intervention.