Pictures For A Friday Afternoon

Friday, 24 March 2006, 16:10 | Category : Gardening
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This red and yellow tulip (variety unknown) asked to have its picture taken:

And in case you’ve never seen a picture of hyacinth taken from above…

And last, some young plants that may be larkspur, or maybe just a weed. I planted some larkspur seed early last fall, but forgot where I planted it. Now I have two clumps of these plants growing, but since I’ve never planted larkspur, I don’t know what to look for…

2 Comments for “Pictures For A Friday Afternoon”

  1. 1loren

    I hoping some of my tulips actually get to flower before the deer totally finish them off.


  2. 2scott

    Doesn’t look like the larkspur I planted a few years ago.