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I Hate Lotus Notes

I hate Lotus Notes. I really hate Lotus Notes. I hate Lotus Notes the way Auburn fans hate Alabama fans. I hate Lotus Notes the way Al Gore supporters hate Ralph Nader. or Katherine Harris. Why do I hate Lotus Notes? Glad you asked…

  • You know how, when you paste a section of text in a Notes email, it pastes it in as a separate text block, instead of just the text? I hate that.
  • Shen you’re selecting text in a Notes email, at a certain point it decides you want to select the entire document, and there’s no changing its mind. I hate that.
  • Archiving. About half the time, the documents end up both in my inbox and in my archive. I hate that.
  • Replication. I don’t really know what it’s doing when it replicates. Nobody can explain what it’s doing. I have a feeling whatever it is doing is illegal in the state of Mississippi, and I hate that.
  • Don’t even talk about Notes as a web platform. I hate Notes as a web platform.
  • You know how sometimes Notes carps out, and when you try to restart it, you get this “Error opening a window” or some such, and you have to reboot your PC, or go looking for all those zombie processes? I hate that.
  • You can’t sort your inbox by subject. I hate that.
  • Version 6 moved your personal folders into a folder called “Folders”, rather than being at the same level as your Inbox, so now you have to open that folder to see your personal folders. Everytime I have to do that, it irritates me. I hate that.
  • You can do all sorts of stuff with Notes. But all I want to do is send and get email! Notes is like an 18-wheeler. All I want to do is run down to the garden center for a couple of bags of potting soil, but I have to drive this 18-wheeler down there to get those two. I hate that.
  • Outlook Express lets you set up rules for things like mail filters. Very easy to do. Notes has agents. Agents of darkness. They’re inherently obfuscatory at best. You set one up, it doesn’t run. Why? Because you didn’t create your agent using ancient Babylonian chants forn human sacrifice, maybe. Maybe it’s really an agent for somebody else. I hate that.
  • Hotspots. The rest of the world knows these as “links”. Bit not Lotus Notes. I hate that.

      I hate Lotus Notes.

3 thoughts on “I Hate Lotus Notes

  1. Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!

    You know how the Notes clipboard and the windows clipboard are from different planets? I hate that.

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