Old Roses In The Cemetery

Saturday morning I met Felder Rushing, Dr. Dirt, and about a dozen old rose people and fellow travelers like me, and planted about 40 old roses at Greenwood Cemetery in downtown Jackson. It’s an old cemetery, dating back to the very beginning of Jackson in the early 1800s. We planted roses between headstones and in the corners of fenced plots, to protect the roses from mowers and string trimmers, and also to make it easier for the groundskeepers to work around them. After planting the roses, I wandered and took cuttings from some of the existing roses; I ended up without about 15 cuttings. We don’t know what varieties were planted. Felder and Dirt were allowed to wander around the Antique Rose Emporium in Texas (I think it was ARE, it may have been another Texas old rose nursery) and get a truckfull. They decided to not pay attention to varieties, just to get what looked good. A gray, overcast, cool (50s F) day, but no rain, a great day to plant roses in an old cemetery.

A few pictures from the cemetery (click on the picture to see the original):

An arched entryway into a family subplot.

The arches from a distance.

“Stone tears fall just as silently”

I liked the way this set of headstones was framed by the camellia, the cedar, and the boxwoods.

This picture, facing northwest, and the next, facing southeast, shows how this cemetery stands between the rich and the poor, or the weak and the powerful, in Jackson.

Many of the headstones had “Woodmen Of The World” engraved on them. This one did not, that I could find, but the message seems obvious.

The grave of Eudora Welty.

In the end, nature will be served.

January 22, 2006 В· Harry В· 2 Comments
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  1. seawitch - January 22, 2006

    I’ve been to Jackson several and probably have passed by the cemetary and never really paid attention to it. Your pictures are wonderful. I hope you’ll take more once the newly planted roses start blooming.

  2. idgie - January 23, 2006


    This is great, love the photos! After it’s been on your site for a while, would you care to share it again at the Dew?