Things I’ve Noticed

Nobody who believes in reincarnation was ever a pauper or a peasant in a past life, they were all princes or warriors. Pretty cool how there were so many princes and warriors in eons past.

Attendance at the really good college football games of years past, such as when one team pulled a major upset, tends to exceed the capacity of the stadium where the game was held. This differential tends to increase as the years go by.

I get a fairly consistent, though small, number of hits from The Moderate Voice. My personal theory is that this is due to the link to KudzuFiles on TMV being right below the link to Kevin Drum’s site, and some people who read Kevin’s site being bad clickers. At least they don’t leave cat poop on my porch.

Dogs can tell when it’s cold and rainy outside without ever leaving their beds.

The time it takes to set a tent up is in inverse proportion to the amount of remaining daylight.

The arrival of a new telescope always coincides with the arrival of a storm front. In fact, the amount of precipitation and the length of time it takes for the front to move through are directly linked to the size and cost of the telescope. Amateur astronomers could make a decent living by coordinating new scope purchases with drought conditions.

Ole Miss and Coach Orgeron. I don’t have anything to say about either, but my hits go up when I have them in a post.

Some people actually thought that Trent Lott wasn’t going to run again. I suspect most of these same people are surprised when the sun shows up in the east every morning.

January 18, 2006 В· Harry В· 2 Comments
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2 Responses

  1. seawitch - January 21, 2006

    I was hoping Lott wouldn’t run again.

  2. Harry - January 21, 2006

    “Hope” and “believe” are very different things.