What was Saddam thinking?

Despite all my ranting on Bush and his determination to go to war with Iraq, it’s still difficult for me to believe that GWB oversaw a deliberate campaign of lies and deceit to get what he wanted. It’s becoming more and more obvious that there simply weren’t weapons of mass destruction, at least in numbers any greater than would be present in a very basic test lab scenario. Certainly, it doesn’t appear that there were any operational stocks. So what was going on? Steve Coll of The Washington Post has an article that raises many interesting questions about Saddam Hussein’s thought processes in the months, and years, leading up to the war. Among the points he covered were possible involvement by France and Russia in the pre-war period, although exactly what role they played is obviously unclear at the moment. And Saddam seems to have lived in a world of delusions. So you had one leader acting on the basis of the world he thought he saw, opposed by another leader acting on the basis of the world he thought he saw, and I don’t think either one was dealing with reality as the rest of the world saw it.

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