Turkey Day Gardening

I spent my morning, and early afternoon after lunch, doing some gardening. I set out 80 tulip bulbs, 45 daffodil bulbs, about 45 hyacinth bulbs, a flat of pansies, a flat+ of snapdragons, and some matthiola (stock), plus transplanted the last 10 or so chrysanthemums from pots to permanent bed locations. I’ve done this the past few years – I buy chrysanthemums in late summer or early fall to replace the summer annuals in my big pots, and once they’ve bloomed, since the ones I buy tend to be perennial here, I transplant them into permanent beds. I’m slowly building a large number of chrysanthemums around the yard this way. I am once again caught up, everything is planted (except for some Hidden Ginger (curcuma) that I got from a friend a few weeks ago), the last of the summer annuals are pulled out and either thrown away or composted, except for some salvia that’s still blooming. Not much left to do until spring, except mulching leaves. Except this morning I decided to find some big daffodil varieties to plant in a couple of areas that need some springtime color. And some azaleas I need to move now that I had to cut down a couple of trees after Katrina, throwing some azaleas I planted last year into a sunny spot. They won’t be happy in the sun.

November 25, 2005 В· Harry В· Comments Closed
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