The SUV tax break

Saturday, 11 October 2003, 19:09 | Category : Politics
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The Senate is apparently considering a major reduction in the obscenity that is the SUV tax break. It would reduce the amount from $100,000 to $25,000. That’s a good first step, but they should eliminate it completely, and rewrite the law so it applies only to farmers, like it was originally intended. And I’ll enjoy watching all those Hummer owners squirm when the resale value of their $50,000 monstrosities plummets.

3 Comments for “The SUV tax break”

  1. 1Jim

    Guess that means I better hurry up and buy us one.

  2. 2Jim

    Bought us a Tahoe on Saturday, tax break here I come…

  3. 3Calvin

    Broke liberals don’t understand tax laws. They just want to tax the rich and get something for nothing. The producers are the business owners and they deserve the tax breaks. Not the employee because they take no risk at all. If they show up to work and do their job the get paid, if they show up at work and do nothing they still get paid. On the other hand the business owner has to make payroll regardless. Bottom line, bigger risk bigger reward!!!!!!