What’s the matter with Kansas?

Well, if Kansas Senator Sam Brownback is representative of all Kansans, then they’re stuck pretty much somewhere between moron and idiot. From Atrios on Eschaton, via Dave. Senator Brownback, on CBS’s Face The Nation yesterday, said in regard to Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist’s surprising pronouncement on stem cell funding,

“This will be one of, I believe, the first time we’ve ever used taxpayer money to pay for the intentional destruction of human life and that’s what this does.”

Senator Brownback, I would refer you to the defense appropriation bill for 2005. Or 2004. Or 2003. Or 1968. Any year. We’ve spent millions of billions of dollars of taxpayer money to pay for the intentional destruction of human life. Unfair comparison? Stem cell research intentionally destroys innocent life? Were the children of Hiroshima, or Dresden, or Baghdad, complicit in the sins of their fathers? What’s that, you say? They were collateral casualties in the pursuit of a greater good? Like, maybe, the use of embryonic stem cells to perhaps find cures for debilitating or fatal diseases, which by the way kill innocent people?

Stupid is stupid. It’s like pornography, you can’t define it but you know it when you see it. Or hear it. Brownback’s remarks were stupid. He was so anxious to make whatever point he was trying to make that he let his mouth rush right past the item on the checklist that read “Does this remark I’m about to make have any intellectual validity or honesty?”.

I would never, however, suggest that Brownback said this because he saw an opportunity to pander to the single-issue pro-life-as-long-as-it-isn’t-born-yet-and-doesn’t-need-health-care-or-housing-or-clean-air wing of the Republican Party, given that Frist is now considered an apostate by the ultra-right wingers.

August 1, 2005 В· Harry В· 2 Comments
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  1. Jim - August 1, 2005

    I’ll have to agree with you here Harry, foot-in-mouth 100%. And Frist definitely surprised me going out on the limb for this. I’m wondering what he has up the left sleeve.

  2. The Librarian - August 1, 2005

    I can’t remember. Does Appo State still play in the Southern Conference?