Curious Gas Mileage

When we left Mississippi, the first tank of gas in our 1992 Itasca (Toyota) RV, V6 and auto, gave us only about 11 MPG. The second tank, we got about 12.5. Third fillup, about 13.2. But with the fourth fillup, in New Mexico, we got right at 14, even driving through the lower mountains going up the interstate to Colorado Springs. Does higher altitude improve gas mileage? It would seem to do the opposite. Maybe the little RV is just getting warmed up.

An addendum: After leaving Colorado, the mileage dropped back down to the 11-12 range. So this is even more puzzling.

July 6, 2005 В· Harry В· 3 Comments
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3 Responses

  1. Mark Hasty - July 7, 2005

    Must be something in the water. My Focus got almost 41 MPG on my last tankful. It’s usually in the mid-30s.

  2. Harry - July 7, 2005

    How do you like your Focus? I’m looking at getting a small car with good gas mileage – Civic, Corolla, etc. Should I consider the Focus?

  3. Mark Hasty - July 7, 2005

    Our Focusis a 2000 which has had some first-year teething problems, mostly related to the ignition cylinder. But it’s been trouble-free for a year and a half now and, at 130,000 miles, it uses no oil and the transmission shifts like it did at 28,000 miles, when I bought it.

    In other words, “yes.”