Energy Policy Talking

Friday, 29 April 2005, 14:12 | Category : Politics
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Steve Verdon posts a rather balanced analysis of Bush’s energy policy at Outside The Beltway .

“President Bush has been talking up the idea of a national energy strategy again. Personally I always find these claims that “we need a national strategy” rather disappointing. Disappointing in that I don’t think the government is all that good at doing things (generally speaking).”

I’ve often talked about the need for a real national energy policy, but his opening statement made me stop and think. Perhaps a libertarian, laissez-faire would work better, if the playing field were leveled. For example, if you’re not going to have a tax credit for fuel-efficient vehicles, you sure shouldn’t have one for gas-guzzlers like Hummers. For that matter, why have tax credits or deductions for transportation at all? (This is a not-fully-formed thought, so don’t take me to task for it).

Go read the entire post and the comments that are building off of it. It’s a good discussion.

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