Social Insincerity

Thursday, 28 April 2005, 9:52 | Category : Politics
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It amazes me how conservatives will spin things – it’s a freakish throwback to “1984”. I listened to a right-wing talk show host last night hold forth about how Bush’s social security plan would not cause increased debt. The reason: we’re already owed our benefits. His logic went like this – since those approaching retirement age have earned a certain level of benefits, then that debt has already been incurred. Since Bush’s plan does not increase these benefits, then there is no additional debt being added. Now, this man seems like a reasonably intelligent man, so I think we can probably dispense with the possibility that he just didn’t know what he was talking about, and move straight to his being disingenuous at best, and possibly deliberately dishonest. Because surely he understood that his benefits would no longer be paid by current system contributions, and so would have to be paid for with additional borrowing (“debt”). But some among his adoring sycophants will go away thinking that the Bush plan really doesn’t add to the Bush deficit (but since they probably don’t believe Bush and the Republicans have rolled up a huge deficit, this would be only a trifle).

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