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Why Do People Hate Oracle?

Well, for starters, not everybody hates Oracle. I don’t – it’s been a nice career builder for me. But some people apparently do. Philip Howard of Bloor Research writes:

“I have on my bookshelf a book called “Why do people hate America?” by Ziauddin Sardar and Merryl Wyn Davies, which explores the cultural and other reasons why large segments of the world – in the Middle East, the developing world and Europe – really do hate America. It occurred to me that while there are a good many people that loathe Microsoft, this is typically at the individual user level, whereas it is Oracle that tends to be the target for competitive vendors.”

Read the entire article here.

He makes some valid points. Oracle is good at what it does, but it’s expensive. And it’s become ever more massive and complicated to install and run. And while the database itself has always been solid, I’ve long felt that their front-end tools (now called Forms, Reports, and Discoverer) were clumsy, too expensive, and just simply not up to the level if competing tools. It’s difficult, however, to see Microsoft, IBM, or Computer Associates making much headway against Oracle in the foreseeable future. There’s just too much invested – money, resources, skillsets, deployed applications – to see much change coming. With databases, Oracle is still the Borg.